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Cybercriminals are sending fake e-mails with the lure of verifying Twitter accounts

06 Ноябрь 2022 - 12:33

Cybercriminals are sending fake e-mails to steal passwords
Cybercriminals send fake e-mails to steal passwords Reuters
Elon Musk, the world's richest man, took ownership of Twitter on Thursday. Soon after taking ownership, he fired several top executives and became the chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter himself.

After Elon Musk took over, Twitter said it would cost $8 a month to use a verified account. However, as no information has been given about when this program will start or how to pay the money, various kinds of speculations are going on among the users. Cybercriminals steal Twitter account passwords by sending fake e-mails based on users' interests.

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Twitter is finally giving the opportunity to edit tweets

Cybercriminals send a link to fill out a form called the Twitter Help Form with the e-mail sent to fool Twitter users. Many people get confused by the name of the Twitter help form and enter the link and submit their Twitter account name and password.

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Complaints about the decrease in the number of Twitter followers
Complaints about the decrease in the number of Twitter followers

Even if the fake e-mails sent from Gmail addresses contain links to Google Docs, users' information is stored on a different website. Because of this, account passwords of Twitter users easily get into the possession of cybercriminals. After learning about the matter, Google quickly disabled Gmail accounts and Google Docs used by cybercriminals.

Cyber ​​experts have advised Internet users to be careful about fake e-mails to protect their information. They also advise against clicking on links and downloading attachments in fake e-mails.

Certain parts of the video can be enlarged on YouTube

27 Октябрь 2022 - 13:22

YouTube has introduced 'Pinch to Zoom' facility to zoom in on certain parts while the video is playing. Using this new facility, specific parts of any video can be seen enlarged on mobile phones running on iOS and Android operating systems. No need to do any additional trouble for this. The video can be viewed in the same way as the image is enlarged. That is, when the video is on, if you enlarge the screen with your finger, the image of the video will be seen larger.

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How to control comments on YouTube videos

In addition to 'pinch to zoom', YouTube has also added a feature called Precise Seeking. By using this feature, multiple thumbnails of the video can be seen by stopping the video running on the mobile phone or computer. Selecting a specific thumbnail will allow the video to be restarted from a precise location relative to the current one.

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TikTok's voice over feature is now available in YouTube shorts as well
YouTube shorts

Along with the ambient mode, the updated dark mode facility can also be used on the video sharing site. Using the Ambient Mode feature, users can change the background of YouTube to match the video. The updated dark mode will feature darker blacks than the current one.

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Creators will get 45 percent of the advertising revenue on YouTube shorts
In the meantime, these new facilities have been launched in different countries. The YouTube authority said that all users will be able to use the new facilities in stages within a few days.

WhatsApp was activated after 2 hours

25 Октябрь 2022 - 13:50

After two hours, the instant messaging service WhatsApp was reactivated after removing the error. Bangladesh time today Tuesday after one o'clock in the world there was a problem using WhatsApp. Due to this problem in the app as well as the web version, WhatsApp could not be used from mobile phones and computers. The popular messaging platform, owned by Meta, went live at 3:00 p.m. first on mobile phones and a few hours later on the web version.

The WhatsApp service outage was first reported by downdetector.com. Many people expressed the issue of not being able to use WhatsApp services on various social media including Twitter. Thousands of users complained about not being able to use WhatsApp services on downdetector.com. Although the problem has been resolved, the reason for the service disruption is server down or cyber attack, WhatsApp's parent company Meta has not given any specific information about it.

With WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption feature enabled, information, photos and videos can be exchanged securely. And because of this, WhatsApp has more than 250 million regular users worldwide.

Online shopping fraud is on the rise

23 Октябрь 2022 - 19:44

Online shopping fraud is on the rise, says cyber security firm NortonLifeLock. According to a study titled 'Consumer Cyber ​​Safety Pulse Report' conducted by the company's research institute Norton Labs, cybercriminals often make fake or tempting offers of various products online to lure customers. Such offers are often offered on various essential products including electronics, jewellery, clothing.

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Android smartphone users at risk of surveillance
Android smartphone

Fake websites offer tempting offers as well as fake positive reviews about products. As a result, many people mistake it as a real online shop. But in most cases, customers are given fake products when they apply to fake online shops. Many buyers don't even get the product they paid for. Not only that, cybercriminals also collect various information, e-mail or social networking site account addresses of users in the name of product order or delivery. As a result, users' online security is threatened.

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Malware is spreading from Google Play Store
Apps capable of introducing malware should be removed quickly

Research has shown that nearly 80 percent of websites provide users' search history to various organizations. By reviewing the search history it is possible to know the interests of the users as well as to identify the location through their IP address. In addition to advertising campaigns, phishing attacks are also carried out using this information.

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Microsoft's advice on protecting against ransomware
Awareness is essential in protecting against ransomware attacks.
Norton Labs recommends several precautions to avoid fraud in online shopping. According to the company, one should be careful if unknown websites offer to sell products at prices lower than the market price. If in doubt, check the domain address of the website. At the same time, unfamiliar financial transactions should be avoided

The blue tick is now in the possession of black marketers

21 Октябрь 2022 - 09:56

On August 15, an e-mail arrived in the inbox of Diana Pearl, a media editor based in New York. It says that someone from Moscow, Russia has entered (logged into) his verified Twitter account. This type of mail was known before Perl. Such mails are usually sent from Twitter. It has a white background, black text and blue links.

Diana clicked on that link thinking about the security of the account. To keep his account safe, he went to that link, entered his password and updated his account. A few moments later a message appeared in a Telegram group.

It provides screenshots and a link to Diana's Twitter profile. Three hours later, the Telegram group's admin sent a message saying, 'Sold'. That means Diana's account has been sold on the black market.

The attack that Diana was subjected to was called a 'phishing attack'. A phishing attack is usually done by tricking or luring someone into clicking on a link to obtain important information. Cyber ​​crooks use such tactics to steal information. In Diana's case, the mail, which impersonated Twitter, was sent by a hacker. The hacker copied the type of mail sent by Twitter. Diana was out of the house when she read the mail. When he came home and sat on the computer to open the mail, he could not be patient enough. Apart from this, the mail asked for quick action. Pearl did not verify that mail. If he had checked properly, he could have caught this phishing mail very easily. Because, the page that this link took him to was not an official Twitter link.

A huge black market has developed for buying verified Twitter accounts. Diana Pearl's account sale is a small example of that. In the Telegram group where those Twitter accounts are sold, they are bought and sold for only a few hundred dollars. Its buyers use these accounts for NFT fraud. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a recent addition to the field of virtual currency or cryptocurrency. Such profile theft is a regular occurrence now. Hundreds of people's verified profiles are getting hacked every day. Even though there is evidence of such incidents for several years, the platforms are not taking action against it.

When The Atlantic writer Jacob Stern's account was hacked in May of this year, Moonbirds was used to trick NFT owners into taking their tokens into a hacker's wallet. Phishing links offer opportunities to buy NFTs with cryptocurrencies within hours of account hijacking.

A similar incident happened to MPR journalist Dana Ferguson last August. His account is also used for the same purpose. All these are traded in Telegram groups.

In some cases, hackers use small NFT artists to scam them. California-based writer Marisa Wenzock's account was hacked and used to promote NFT collection called MetaBattlebots. Meta BattleBots authorities shut down the hacked account after it was informed about such promotion.

UC Santa Barbara security researcher Dipanjan Das conducted a study with NFT fraud. He said about the black market of blue tick or verified account, such a tick basically confirms whether an account is correct or not.

If such an account falls into the hands of an online fraudster, he can exploit it to great effect. They target the multi-billion dollar NFT ecosystem. Hackers, account buyers and fraudsters can withdraw their profits with just a few tweets. This happens before the original account owner recovers the account.

Haseeb Awan, CEO of mobile security provider Ifani, told tech website The Verge, "A simple NFT scam can make millions of dollars for cyber crooks. Even if they succeed even once in ten attempts, they can earn a lot of money.'

Previously, hacking of a Twitter account with a blue tick was rare. Such a process requires a concerted effort by hackers. Earlier they were sold on sites like Swapdi and Ogu.gg. But now the demand for such accounts has increased due to NFT promotion and fraud. In addition, hackers can reach many buyers on platforms like Telegram. Also, it has become easier for hackers to hack Twitter.

Hackers usually use 'credential stuffing' method to hack verified accounts. In this case, they take the information from the database of username and password leaked online. In this case, the hacked databases of various organizations can be bought at low prices in the online black market. Hackers analyze the data from there and target potentially profitable accounts.

Hackers try with username password first. But many accounts have two-factor authentication or two-layer security. Then they cannot easily hack the account. At this time they started trying to do fishing. This type of phishing has increased dramatically in the mail. Many mistakenly give the information thinking that it is a mail from the Twitter support team.

According to a hacker named Wayne, there is a growing demand for hackers who can steal NFTs and take over verified profiles. It has blue accents like Diana Pearl