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You can earn by making animation videos

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Embellishment: Apan Zoardar
Embellishment: Apan Zoardar
Basic concept
Meena cartoons are the first thing that comes to mind when I think of animation. One is reminded of a funny video or the Seven Up commercial character Fido Dido. There are no characters in these funny videos but in reality. Made by computer animation. While watching these funny videos, many people wonder how the videos are made.

work area
Learned animation as a hobby. Making funny animation videos at home to make everyone happy. If you want, you can make income by making animation videos. Currently, as the demand for animation videos is increasing, you can directly work as an animator in various animation makers or advertising companies. There is no harm in not wanting to work in a particular organization. Animation videos online now reign supreme. From YouTube to various communication sites, animation videos of various individuals or organizations are often seen. You can earn by making animation videos for these companies. Not only that, but there are income opportunities by creating animation videos for clients from home and abroad in freelancing or online marketplaces. As animation is in high demand for freelancing jobs, it is not too difficult to get work. But no matter where you work, you need to learn how to make good quality animation videos. Along with that, the client's instructions should be well understood and worked. For this you need to be proficient in English language as well as animation.

How animation videos are made
In addition to drawing pictures, animation videos can be easily created with several software. But how good the animation video will be depends on the quality of the image and the ability to use the software. Animation is usually done in three steps. These are pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production requires you to create character designs, behind-the-scenes, storyboards and animatics (animated stories with sound).

At the time of character design, you have to decide how the character will look from different angles. Then draw the back view. Once these two tasks are done, a basic idea of ​​what scene after scene will be seen in the video needs to be drawn, known as storyboard. Then following the storyboard, a draft or animatics of how the character will move is created. Many also call it Leica Reel. Good quality drawings are very important for pre-production.

Now production. The first step in production is character layout. Preparing the pictures in the storyboard for movement as per the drawing is called layout. After that, you have to create a picture of the character's surroundings. This is called background painting. Don't worry, layout and background painting can be done easily with Photoshop, Illustrator or Animate CC software. After creating the layout and background, the work of animation basically starts. Animate CC or After Effects software will be required for this. Different studios use different software for animation. After creating the animation, adding the animation of the characters on the background is the post-production work.

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