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7 Ways to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

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7 Ways to Increase Wi-Fi Speed
Written by: Ahsan Habib, Dhaka
Published: 13 October 2022, 07:00
Wi-Fi internet users on mobile phones
Wi-Fi internet users on cell phonesSource: Reuters
If the Wi-Fi speed is low during urgent work, it is quite a problem. It's just an urgent task, you can't watch videos as you want using the Internet. Wi-Fi speed depends on several factors. Wi-Fi speed can be increased by using some tricks. Learn seven ways to increase Wi-Fi speed.

Internet connection test
Before complaining about Wi-Fi speed, you should first check the internet connection and router performance in your home or office. If the Internet speed is good, you can use the high-speed Internet directly on the laptop or computer by connecting the Ethernet cable to the router.

The router's firmware is up to date
Router firmware and security should be updated regularly. Firmware can be easily updated from the router's administration interface. However, if it is an old model router, the firmware file must be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and uploaded to the administration interface.

Place the router in the right place
Router location is very important for fast Wi-Fi. If you want to use the Internet at the same speed throughout the room, then the router must be placed in the middle of the room. It will get Wi-Fi signal equally in all directions. Also, the fewer walls around the router, the higher the Wi-Fi speed. Even with heavy electronic equipment in close proximity, Wi-Fi speeds can slow down. Placing the router's antenna vertically increases Wi-Fi speeds.

Know the frequency of the router
Check the frequency of your router in the network administrator interface. Generally 2.4 GHz routers are more commonly used. However, 5 GHz frequency is available in dual band routers. As a result, you can use a dual band router to increase Wi-Fi speed.

Change the channel
Interference is very important when it comes to internet speed. Signals from other wireless networks as well as various electronic devices can slow down the Internet. And so good quality routers automatically select channels with low density to receive signals. But older models or less expensive routers use specific channels. As a result the speed of Wi-Fi decreases. A solution to the problem is to use a low-density channel on the router.

Number of Wi-Fi network users
If your Wi-Fi network is open to everyone or has a weak password, many people are using it without your knowledge, which slows down the Internet. Using Wireless Network Watcher, you can easily find out the number of Wi-Fi network users. Apart from this, you can see which device is using more data in the router's admin interface.

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