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Smartphone battery is good

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In addition to talking, smartphones are used for various purposes including e-mail, social networking sites, playing games, taking pictures. However, many complain that the battery of the smartphone is running out of charge faster than before. It is not that the battery is bad only when the charge is finished. Battery charge can decrease quickly due to various reasons.
Signs of a Smartphone Battery Decreasing Performance
• Battery drains quickly even after full charge.
• Not charging properly when charging.
• Battery overheats.
• Smartphone turns off and restarts suddenly.
• Smartphone not charging even after connecting the charger.
To increase the battery capacity of the smartphone
• It is never advisable to fully charge the smartphone battery. Charge only when the battery is low.
• Smartphone location services should be turned off unless necessary.
• Must use updated version of all apps on smartphone.
• Avoid using 3D or bright wallpaper.
• The brightness of the smartphone screen should be kept low.
• Avoid using multiple apps simultaneously.

How long does the battery last?
Smartphones made by different companies use batteries of different capacities. Depending on the type of use and work, the battery charge is basically exhausted. However, lithium ion batteries in smartphones are generally good for two to three years. After that, the battery capacity gradually decreases.

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