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Why does the smartphone get hot, what is the way to keep it cool?

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A smartphone overheats when its battery is overworked. So if you are always thinking, 'Why is my phone getting so hot?', then you are damaging the phone yourself. Rather, it is better to know the reason why the phone heats up, and the ways to cool it down. It will increase the life of the phone.

If you use the smartphone for a long time, it might get a little hot. It's normal. But it's not normal to overheat for a long time.
Why does the phone heat up?
The phone may heat up due to various reasons. In most cases, overuse of the phone is said to be the reason. Other reasons why the phone heats up-
• Watch streaming video for a long time.
• Play games.
• Keeping the brightness of the smartphone at maximum level.
• Use of outdated apps or software.
• Keeping the phone in a hot place or direct sunlight.

Android is hotter or iPhone
Another reason is added to the common cause of overheating in Android phones. That is overheating due to virus or malware. Cases of virus or malware attacks on the iPhone are rare. Because Apple, the maker of the iPhone, never allows the use of third-party software.
To save your Android phone from overheating, you need to install an anti-virus from a trusted source.
If you do that the phone won't get too hot
Keeping your phone from overheating will keep your phone in good condition for longer. The following tips can be followed to maintain the normal temperature of the phone.

Use updated versions of all smartphone apps. If there is a bug (programming error) or if the software is old, running the app consumes more power. This makes the phone hot. Regularly updating apps and software eliminates program errors and uses the phone's power properly. As a result, there is no additional stress on the battery.

Avoid sunlight
When the sunlight shines directly on the smartphone, the temperature inside the phone rises quickly. When outside, try to keep the phone in the shade. You can put it in the pocket of bag or clothes.

Lay flat and charge
Charging the phone by placing it on a pillow, bed, cushion or any uneven soft surface will increase its temperature. While charging, the phone looks for ways to dissipate heat. So when charging with the charger, the phone should be placed on a hard, flat and cool place.

Close the app when not in use
Background apps consume power. So there is a risk of the phone getting hot. When you're not working on an app, don't just exit it, close it entirely.
For better results, delete unused apps.

Decrease screen brightness
It may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is that the brightness of a smartphone's screen drains its power. And the more power is dissipated, the hotter the phone gets. Keep the phone screen brightness down to save power. It will also reduce the pressure on your eyes.

Install antivirus
In the case of Android phones, viruses attack the software on the phone. As a result the smartphone gets hotter. For this reason, antivirus should be installed on the phone. Antivirus will prevent malware, also provide security of Android phone.

Airplane mode
If you only need to do a few things on your phone like timekeeping, setting an alarm, turn on airplane mode. This will give the phone a little rest from working all the time.

Why does the smartphone get hot, what is the way to keep it cool?
How to cool the phone
Even if you don't pay much attention if the phone gets hot all of a sudden, it will continue. If the phone is too hot to touch or the phone shows an 'error' message, action should be taken immediately. What to do to cool the phone-

Keep away from heat or sunlight. Keep the phone in a dry and cool place. The phone should never be placed in a freezer or refrigerator.

Placing the phone in a strong wind will cool it down quickly. You can keep it under the fan. You can also give air with a hand blower.

Keep the phone away from other devices. All appliances can get hot and emit hot air. So phone, tab or laptop should not be kept in one bag.

Remove the phone case. A hot phone cover or case is like a trap. If you see that the phone is getting hot, it can also be seen from the case, then you should remove the case quickly. The case cannot be applied until the phone returns to normal temperature.

Turn off the phone. If it gets too hot, it's best to turn it off while cooling down the phone.

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