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Know your mental age instantly

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Mental age has a lot to do with your personality, preferences, tastes, way of thinking, emotional intelligence, IQ. You may be physically 50, but mentally you may not be past 10. Again you may be 10, but mentally you may be quite a bit ahead of your age. Recently a great 'personality test' has gone viral online. Of all the 'games' to determine people's mental age, this is said to be the most reliable.

In this game you have to answer 10 questions to know your mental age. There are five options in the picture against each question. Answers are given from 10 to 50 points. Your mental age depends on the sum of those points.
See what your mental age is

1. If your score is between 100 and 170, then your mental age is between 5 and 12 years. You are active, curious, childish, cheerful and self-centered.

2. Now suppose, the sum of the answers to all your questions is 180 to 260. In that case your mental age is 13 to 20 years. You are mindful of your responsibilities. But not committed to observe them. You tend to choose between having fun or spending time on your own (hanging out with friends, watching movies, traveling, spending free time, etc.) and taking responsibility. You feel free to move on.

3. If you fall between 270 and 350, your mental age is 21 to 35. Develop yourself by discovering what will bring you success, what will fail you. Your joy lies in fulfilling your small goals and moving forward.

4. If you score between 360 and 440, your mental age is between 36 and 50. You give the impression of a mature person in thoughts, feelings and actions. Safety and durability are of utmost importance to you.

5. And if you exceed 440, then your mental age is 51 or older. You are completely confident about what you want in life. You love living the easy life. And nothing escapes your attention. It is often seen that the mental age starts to decrease as the physical age reaches fifty.

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