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Hackers are stealing the information of LinkedIn users

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Hackers are stealing LinkedIn users' information by secretly injecting malware. They are carrying out this attack by using the message exchange facilities of social networking sites made for professionals. In order to carry out cyber attacks, hackers first invite users to join the accounts of various individuals or organizations. Malware-laden links or files are secretly sent during message exchanges only if users agree. By clicking on a link or opening a file, the malware enters the user's device and begins to smuggle information.

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LinkedIn profiles can be viewed from within Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

CloudSEC has identified a cyber attack on LinkedIn. As a social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn users are usually associated with accounts of various individuals or organizations, said the cyber security firm. They also accept invitations to exchange messages sent by strangers. Hackers are using this opportunity to secretly inject malware into users' devices while exchanging messages. The malware can collect important information including social media, credit card, e-mail passwords and send it to hackers.

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Hackers are conducting cyber attacks by sending fake job e-mails
Symbolic images of cyber attacks

The files sent by hackers are usually 100 megabytes. And so to be safe from cyber attacks, cyber security experts request to confirm the identity of the sender before clicking on links or large files sent in the name of unknown persons or organizations.

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