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Emphasis should be placed on cyber security

cyber security

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Cybercrime refers to crimes committed through the Internet and electronic devices for the purpose of intentional physical or mental harm or espionage by state or non-state organizations, institutions, theft of information through the Internet, falsification of information, money laundering, financial fraud, or interference with state interests through the Internet. is called Everything we use including email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, online shopping, banking services are directly part of the cyber world. Most of the jobs today are directly or indirectly linked to online or internet. With the passage of time, as we are getting used to roaming in the cyber world, criminals are also using this platform for their criminal organization.Cybercrime is a very familiar and much disliked word these days. Almost everyone in the third world is connected to the Internet in some way. Due to the inefficiency of these internet users, they are constantly being victims of cyber crime. There are no clear laws or guidelines regarding the use of mobile phones in our country. Multimedia-enabled handsets are in the hands of youngsters with which they are creating their own worlds. Through this technology of saving and sharing obscene video images, it is rapidly spreading to other's mobile phones. About 62 percent of the youth are involved in major crimes including sexual harassment and rape due to Internet, YouTube, and pornography addiction. Which is constantly taking the form of an epidemic. According to a study by the Cybercrime Awareness Foundation, women between the ages of 18 and 30 are most affected by cyber attacks. 44 percent of the victims of this crime think that cyber crime control and security can be ensured in the country if the cyber criminals are punished immediately.Besides, most financial institutions in the country do not have their own cyber security department. As a result, important information and money are easily stolen through hacking. According to the data of the cyber crime department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, about 5 thousand complaints have been filed in the cyber crime unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police in the last four years. Out of this, about 2,000 written complaints have been filed in the last six months alone. More than 2000 cases related to cyber crime have been filed in 2021. These internet users are becoming the target of cyber criminals in various ways.

In today's world most activities can be done online. Cyber ​​systems are being used as one of the mediums of information storage and delivery. People are now getting used to using digital currency as well. As a result criminals have also changed the way they commit crimes. Government has set up cyber monitoring cell to stop cybercrime and serve the victims but it is very little compared to the need. It is more important than effective laws to stop these cyber crimes, awareness, proper knowledge, methods of use.Everyone should be made aware of what to do to avoid hacking, who should be informed in case of such an unwanted problem, where to go for remedy. Organizations that work directly online must have their own cyber security measures in place. Bangladesh has now become a digital country. If any person or organization is affected by cybercrime, it is a big loss for the whole country. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken quickly to solve the problem from the highest position of the state to prevent cyber crime. In a recent news there is fear of cyber attack in the country. So it is essential to take measures to stay on time.

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