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Will artificial intelligence destroy our dreams of a developed world?

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The reason such question arises is a hypothesis of Yuval Noah Harari. According to his commentary, if things continue the way they are now, the difference between the first world and the third world will become sky-deep in the next few years due to artificial intelligence. The chasm between these two worlds is still bridged by a shaky bridge of unskilled cheap labour, but after a while it will collapse completely. Coincidentally, the time to break this imaginary bridge, and step into the developed world in 2041 is just around the corner. In other words, we will not get the bridge if we move a little bit here and there. In that case, our dream of going beyond and entering a developed country will be shattered.
The reason Harari is giving us so little time is because of the meteoric rise of infinitely potential, immensely powerful, artificial intelligence. Harari fears that artificial intelligence will soon be able to do the jobs that low-skilled humans do at a much lower cost, in a much shorter time, and much better. That is, when artificial intelligence appears in its full force, the low-skilled garment workers or remittance-warriors, whose labor-sweat makes the wheels of our economy turn, will be unemployed. Because we have not been able to provide lifelong education for them or prepare them to do jobs that artificial intelligence cannot do, that is why Harari is so afraid.

Harari acknowledges that Bangladesh's economic growth has been largely based on the cheap labor of low-skilled workers. When the Fourth Industrial Revolution comes, this cheap labor will no longer be needed. As it is now, the income generated by selling these cheap labor shirts will no longer be the case with the development of artificial intelligence, robots and 3-D printers. The Americans would then buy the shirt code from Amazon and print it on a 3D printer in New York. 3-D printers will be sitting in the warehouses of 'Zara' or 'Prada'. Anyone can make their own shirt by installing the printer in their own home if they want.
Artificial intelligence robots did not attempt to take away the jobs of low-skilled workers in this way. Almost all of what we get now by selling cheap labor will go to the technology giants of developed countries in a few days through artificial intelligence. A poor country like ours will be poorer, the rich richer. According to Harari, then the gap between the rich and the poor will be so great that it will not be possible for any poor country to catch up with the rich. If a country wants to get rich, it needs to cross that wobbly bridge now by building the human resources that can handle artificial intelligence. Once that bridge collapses in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there will be nothing left for anyone to do.

Harari, however, also says that it is not inevitable for us to remain on this side of the chasm. If we work hard and move in the right direction, we can cross it in a few days and it is important to cross. Not being able to pass does not mean staying where you were before, but going back a long way.

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