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Violence against women

women safety

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Violence against women refers to any kind of physical, mental, social and economic oppression and torture on women. More simply, when women face forced deprivation and physical, sexual and emotional harm by others in their personal and social life, it is called violence against women. Violation of women also includes curtailing or depriving women of any right and forcing a woman to do something against her will or to act according to the will of a person or group.
Gender-based violence or violence against women exists all over the world. Bangladesh is no exception. Such violence not only affects women's physical and mental health, but also negatively affects families, children and the economy. If we consider the overall situation in Bangladesh, it can be seen that women are not safe anywhere in the home-outside-workplace. Women are being oppressed everywhere. If they protest, they have to die in some cases. Due to the lack of exemplary punishment in these incidents, the incidents of torture are increasing day by day.
In addition to existing laws to stop violence against women, Bangladesh also passed the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children Act in 2000 and some amendments were made in 2003. In the case of abduction of women and children, kidnapping and demand for ransom, trafficking in women and children, rape of women and children or causing death due to rape, sexual harassment, death for dowry, mutilation for the purpose of begging etc., including provisions related to children born as a result of rape Issues of criminal justice have come up. The Prevention of Violence against Women and Children Act was last amended on 26 November 2020.

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